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Natural Breast Augmentation

Obtain your dream breasts with 3D modelling technology without any surprises.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Which method is the best for you? What are the differences between silicone implants and fat injections? Watch Dr. Güray talk about breast augmentation operation.

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Breast Augmentation

For many women, breast size is a crucial part of feeling healthy, attractive and confident. Getting fit and slim down can be achieved with hard work, but if you aren’t born with breasts you love, surgery may be an option you want to consider. Breast augmentation is the choice of many women who want to be their most confident selves.

Women who have small breasts or whose breasts are smaller and less firm following pregnancy may be interested in increasing the size and proportion of their breasts. Some women may have mildly saggy breast skin while others desire to bring a significantly smaller breasts into balance with the other.


Op. Dr. Güray K. Yeşiladalı

Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, one of the well-established medical schools of Turkey. During his medical training he has won the Turkish-German Medical Association Scholarship and had the chance to study in Giessen University, Germany. He started his Plastic Surgery residency in Haydarpasa Numune Training and Research Hospital in Istanbul.

Apart from performing thousands of plastic surgery operations, he was accepted as an International Fellow to Wisconsin University, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in United States, and had the chance to improve his surgical skills, experience and international communication abilities.

  • Image “ After a lot of research, I consulted with Dr. Güray about a breast augmentation. He took a great deal of time to discuss my concerns, and explained in great detail, what he could do to enhance my breasts so they would fit my physique and would be in proportion, with my body. The result was fantastic. He is a true professinoal while also compassionate. ”
  • Image “I cannot thank you all enough for making my experience here, the best ever. I would like to thank you for an incredible and spectacular job you did. Also the staff for their great care and professionalism. ”

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Inframammary Incision

Inframammary incision is the most popular technique among plastic surgeons. This approach uses a very short incision which results in much less noticable scars. Inframammary incisions are made in the fold where the lower part of the breast meets the chest wall. It is highly preferable for patients because the scar is easily hidden by a bra or a bikini.

Round vs Teardrop Implant

Although it is widely and falsely believed that round implants always lead to round breasts and teardrop implants always create natural-looking breasts, truth is both shapes can look perfect and potentially bad. It all depends on which shape fits your body to deliver the most beautiful results.

Natural Look

Most women are looking for a natural look on their implants so it is a key goal in Dr. Güray’s operations. In order to achieve the most possible natural look a lot of factors like your desired outcome and size, breast volume, skin excess, breast diameter, skin quality and chest wall asymmetries should be assessed carefully.